Tuesday, December 30, 2008



I am going to need a team to type it out some day.
Sorry for not posting.

Friday, December 5, 2008

If a Dream is a Wish..Then, Where Did This One Come From?

Last night...well actually I think it was in the morning, I had a dream about my friend. We were in a cute little boutique-ish kind of town and the dream just cast an image of him through my eyes as we were talking, it was dark and it seemed like we were in a banquet hall or dance studio. Anyways, the fact is that it seemed like we were trying to hide and runaway to meet somewhere, he was no more than two feet infront of me and I think we were talking about how this wouldn't work and i didn't quite get the point until he said we should stay away from each other. That was it. That was when I freaked, my character in the dream was so angry and felt so small and unwanted. I could feel the emotions flow through my body--as if it was really happening. And then, they walked in, my old friend that i recognized to be from my street had a leather jacket and greased hair--like he'd just came out of the Grease movie--i think he had a pipe in his hand ( i was thinking, what the hell is he gonna do with that?!). Then I wasn't sure about the other character that appeared but I think it might have been my brother. My old friend was so agressive and looked like he was going to drop the pipe and even just punch my friend with his bare fist! I was furious and sad, how could he? How could they all?! And then i could see it wash all over my friend's face...he didn't want me, not as a friend, acquintance...nothing. He must have said something, now i realize it was just an act, he wanted to give in so that i could move on. Two police officers appeared out of nowhere and surprisingly grabbed my friend forcefully taking him out of my sight. He did struggle and managed to give me a sorrowful look obviously reassuring me he didn't mean to leave me. I was so confused and upset, usually my dreams mean something...something that's going to happen...what if this happens in some smaller way? He is a good friend to me, it's not everyday you find a friend like him. All I know is I have to prepare myself, just in case things do take a turn. Still, I can't help but feel sad.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fan Art Quicky by Nat

What d oyou think of my fan art for the Twilight Series? I made it off of Paint, I was really bored so I just made it for fun :P

Friday, November 14, 2008

What's that? A BOOK CLUB!

YES. FINALLY! I have rallied up some girls in my grade that LOVE Twilight and the same books and so....WE'RE GOING TO START A BOOK CLUB!!! YAY! I'm so excited! We are going to try and start it as soon as possible but the problem is one is still reading it and the other one hates Twilight but likes Generation Dead so i might just have to start off promoting the books. With the Twilight Lexicon as our aid we will try and crack the codes of Twilights 'behind the scenes' and little possible clues that Stephanie Meyer may have slipped into the story without us knowing. We will dissect every sentence of the book to better understand and feel the characters. We will also discuss our feelings and opinions on the stroy and the characters. Then, we will move on to Generation Dead!!! STAY TUNED!

Oh, and if you'd like go ahead and share your opinions too, but wait until I start the posts, ight?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Questions and Theories...what do we know?

Do you live in a world you know and see or is it so hidden you can't possibly know which way you are going..or are you coming?

What do you know about history and future and theories that are only made, only written down as a solved case so that we can all sleep at night? Do you ever question? Do you ever even wonder what is going on, what is going to happen?

Do you ever think of death just enough so that you can feel it, you fade a little just at the thought and feel the conjestion, the suffocation of passing, can you? Or do you just sit there then at the slightest glimpse, the slightest thought you shun it and bring on something pleasant to your thoughts? Is that really what you stand for? Are you really that afraid? Do you not have enough respect for your own soul that you won't even let it wonder? Do you not have faith or beliefs that you can go on and live even after exploring and seeing the hindsight of your death?

Do you even believe? Have you no thoughts? If you do not what is it you do that prevents it? How do you not think about positive or negative things? How do you control your brain so that you cannot think or comprehend and yet you can live and breathe? When it comes to the shallow unsure subject of life and death who is it that your life belongs to? Who created you before you forefathers did? What is it that lets you feel safe about the subject enough so that you do not question it? Why do you not belive? Not thinking about religion or anything else, where do you come from? You are a stranger if you cannot answer that question, which makes us all strangers. Most of all, why do we have to leave? Why not be invicible? Why must we reproduce? The world thinks that it and its inhabitants are okay, complete and indestructable because that is what positive cover has made. Are we down to Earth when we aren't even sure what Earth is and exactly why and how it began? The world of questions is only answered with theories, we will never know our own place completely because we have not lived through it all. Forget documents and scriptures, we will never know the truth and the answers to these questions that haunt our minds.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Vampire Theories...

Here is the continuation of my Hallowe'en research. I had some personal difficulties before but now I have the time to resume...even if no one sees this :(

Vampires and the Art of Blood-Drinking

Each of us incarnates for a lifetime with a certain way of relating to the physical world through the vehicle of our physical body. A vampire is a person born with an extraordinary capacity to absorb, channel, transform, and manipulate "pranic energy" or life force. She also has a critical energy imbalance which reels wildly from deficit to overload and back again. This capacity for handling energy is a gift, but the constant imbalance of her own system is the cause of the negative behavior patterns and characteristics which may be notable about a vampiric person.
Real vampires do not necessarily drink blood-in fact, most of them do not. Blood-drinking and vampirism have been confused to the extent that for the average person, a vampire is defined as something that drinks blood (such as a "vampire bat"). But when we look beyond casual assumptions to the details of common beliefs, we find something quite different. Throughout both folklore and literature, there is an understanding that vampires require energy or life force. Many old folktales accept that vampires suck blood, yet never describe this actually happening. The victims slowly decline and waste away, and the survivors assume that some evil fiend is draining them of blood. They know that the Bible says, "the blood is the life", and anyone who was losing their life force must be losing blood. Yet, in many instances the vampire's "attack" does not even involve physical contact. In others, it is clearly sexual energy which is exchanged.

Fresh blood is the highest known source of pranic energy (life force). Human beings have practiced blood-drinking for many reasons throughout history, but drinking blood alone does not indicate that a person is a vampire. Only real vampires can directly absorb the pranic energy in fresh blood, and for this reason some real vampires are attracted to blood and find different means of obtaining it. However, it is a rare vampire who cannot absorb energy in much more subtle ways. This is the mechanism that causes real vampires to inflict harm on others and themselves if they fail to recognize what is happening and do conscious work on transforming their inner natures. Vampires are no more likely to be either malicious or spiritually aware than the general population, but without awareness, they can spend their lives making themselves and others unhappy, and will continue to incarnate in this pattern until they take action to change it.

There are a number of external symptoms of vampirism, but it is important to realize that some of them are found in ordinary human behavior. Real vampires are identifiable partly because they have a majority of the symptoms, not just one or two. But more significantly, real vampires are distinguished by a certain quality to the energy. While anyone reading a description of the symptoms and behavior patterns might find a few that apply to people he knows, or even to himself, real vampires have a way of standing out vividly to everyone who interacts with them. There are few people who do not know at least one vampire.

Physically, vampires are usually "night people"" on a biochemical level. They have inverted circadian rhythms, with body cycles such as temperature peaks, menstrual onset, and the production of sleep hormones in the brain occurring at the opposite time of day from most people. They have difficulty adjusting to daytime schedules and frequently work nights. They tend to be photosensitive, avoiding sunlight, sunburning easily, and having excellent night vision. Their vitality ranges widely, and they can be vigorous and active one day, depressed and languorous the next.

They frequently have digestive trouble. Even those with cast-iron stomachs have many issues with food that are rooted in their constant hunger for energy. Contrary to the image of the vampire as thin, many real vampires are troubled by obesity because of a hunger that makes them food addicts, and a system that is sluggish in processing physical food. They are also sometimes troubled by other substance addictions for the same reasons, but since their systems are tuned to pranic energy more than to processing physical substance, they may not be as sensitive to drugs and alcohol as an ordinary person would be.

Emotionally and physically, vampires are unpredictable, moody, temperamental and overwhelming. The major distinguishing characteristic of real vampires as opposed to ordinary people who share those qualities is the vampire's intensity. Vampires are extremely intense people. They are frequently given nicknames such as "the black hole." When others talk about them (usually to complain about them), vampires are often described by such terms as "needy," "attention-seeking," "grandstanding," "manipulative," "exhausting," "draining," "monopolizes the conversation," "jealous," "huge ego," and so on. A vampire's emotions are deep, fervent, and powerful, and she usually displays great psychic ability and has uncontrolled magickal and psychic experiences. Vampires are also empaths, and while they remain unconscious of their natures, they are frequently "psychic sponges" who simply absorb vibrations from everywhere, with the expected emotional instability resulting.

Courtesy of: http://www.earthspirit.com/fireheart/fhvampire.html


I love you guys and all but the truth is...if no one goes on this site, i'm going to have to get rid of it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! What more can i do???? I'm writing a fanfic for Twilight WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO DO???!!! I'm just a girl that wants to share my stories with others :( please?








I need help :S

I posted a new chapter on diaries of a newborn but i guess i'll be the only one reading it :'(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Juicy Chapter...

Hey! I DID IT! I finished typing up the next chapter of 'Diaries of a Newborn' it's on the blog so go check it out if you wanna read about what juicy story ideas I've been playing with! I hope you don't sigh when you read it...I hope you're happy with where I'm going with it.

Not only that, this week I will post ANOTHER CHAPTER (kay...I know they're short but i'm not a professional). Before I follow through with that, if I get more comments within a few days then I will post a discussion explaining the chapter (including the introduction). But that's only going to happen if more people read my stuff so I ask for a favour... IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND THAT YOU KNOW MAY LIKE THE KIND OF STUFF I WRITE ABOUT, TELL THEM TO GO TO THIS SITE ALONG WITH *http://nataliethenewborn.blogspot.com/* PLEASE IT WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME IF YOU COULD HELP POPULATE THIS SITE. *IN RETURN I WILL WRITE UP MORE CHAPTERS (if all goes well).

Thank you sooo much!

Lots of Love,

*Don't forget, NEW CHAPTER: http://nataliethenewborn.blogspot.com/

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Good News...

Hey! I have some good news for those of you who are interested in the coming of 'The Diaries of a Newborn' theme. I just started a new blog called 'The Diaries of a Newborn' this evening and made a new post, it's kind of like a prologue, so check it out at: http://nataliethenewborn.blogspot.com/

So...I hope you like it! I will be writing more 'chapters' soon so stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way, i'm also looking forward to tomorrow 'cause i'm getting some Tarot Cards! Oooh creepy! Hah, well i'll be writing about those experiences later.


Lots of Love,

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Hallowe'en Research

I love Hallowe'en. And just because I love it so much i've decided to dedicate my blog only to subjects of the Hallowe'en theme. I hope people who actually read this are as excited as I am.

Oh, and by the way, i'm aware I said I would start right on the first day but I couldn't because I had too much school work to do.

So, i've been searching for some interesting stories on the internet for vampires and werewolves.

Here are some of the things I read from these sites...

There are different types of strigoi: strigoi vii are live witches who will become vampires after death. They can send out their soul at night to meet with other witches or with Strigoi mort who are dead vampires. The strigoi mort are the reanimated bodies which return to suck the blood of family, livestock, and neighbours.
A person born with a caul, tail, born out of wedlock, or one who died an unnatural death, or died before baptism, was doomed to become a vampire. As was the seventh child of the same sex in a family, the child of a pregnant woman who didn't eat salt or was looked at by a vampire, or a witch. And naturally, being bitten by vampire, meant certain condemnation to a vampiric existence after death.
The Vircolac which is sometimes mentioned in folklore was more closely related to a mythological wolf that could devour the sun and moon and later became connected with werewolves rather than vampires. The person afflicted with lycanthropy could turn into a dog, pig, or wolf.
The vampire was usually first noticed when it attacked family and livestock, or threw things around in the house. Vampires, along with witches, were believed to be most active on the Eve of St George's Day (April 22 Julian, May 4 Gregorian calendar), the night when all forms of evil were supposed to be abroad. St Georges Day is still celebrated in Europe.
A vampire in the grave could be told by holes in the earth, an undecomposed corpse with a red face, or having one foot in the corner of the coffin. Living vampires were found by distributing garlic in church and seeing who didn't eat it.
Graves were often opened three years after death of a child, five years after the death of a young person, or seven years after the death of an adult to check for vampirism.
Measures to prevent a person becoming a vampire included, removing the caul from a newborn and destroying it before the baby could eat any of it, careful preparation of dead bodies, including preventing animals from passing over the corpse, placing a thorny branch of wild rose in the grave, and placing garlic on windows and rubbing it on cattle, especially on St George's & St Andrew's days.
To destroy a vampire, a stake was driven through the body followed by decapitation and placing garlic in the mouth. By the 19th century people were shooting a bullet through the coffin. For resistant cases, the body was dismembered and the pieces burned, mixed with water, and given to family members as a cure.

(this information courtesy of: http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~vampire/vhist.html)

That's all i've got for now but i'll be finding more tonight and later on.

Right now I do realize I am writing for no one :( No one notices my blog :'( Help!?

Lots of Love,
Nat the Hallowe'en Spirit :D :[

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stories of A Newborn: Coming In the month of October

I Am A Newborn.

...It happened. I am a vampire. No, I am a blood thirsty mutant that has no other pleasures but the blood of my own kind...at least of what I used to be...which I am no longer. Will it always be this way? I always ask myself the same questions (since there's no one I haven't already killed that I could talk to). And I do try, to restrain myself from them...hiding away on mountain tops far away from the tempting simmering of their blood. I am starting to believe this new diet will never work. I'm afraid also not for the life of others but for myself, it seems as though I am not alone in this new body, I can feel something else...what is it? Feels like the devil. I want it out.

Hey! It's me, Nat, and i'm back to writing on my blog trying to find new ideas to catch your eye. I was thinking of doing a separate section of my blog disignated for vampires. That's right! I'm thinking of doing a new journal/diary of a newborn right here, starting in October. Also I thought I should do some more research on vampires so I can display it on here for who ever wants to read about them. I found some cool myths and legends about different vampires throughout Europe in the old times.

Still staying within the same theme, Hallowe'en, I also plan on listing some things on werewolves too, just so that you Jacob Black fans don't feel left out. Okay, so let's just say i'm going crazy and starting to get interested in these mystical creatures and not only that, decided to research about everything we see as in the Hallowe'en theme. What if I wanted to say...post old legends and myths of magic and mystery all through the month of October? Would that be okay?

Also, it has come to my attention that zombies are also a part of the Hallowe'en theme but, for the appreciation of a blog friend I will not be posting anything having to do with fictional zombies that have been inspired by movies. Besides, I wouldn't want to bring up stuff that would start a wild fire for the differently biotic haters. I hope you understand these terms, if not I am sorry you will have to find another site to get whatever information I cannot give to you.

Coming Soon.

Lots of Love,

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Mock-Comic Strip

Though it might be hard to see what it is, this is my first little "comic strip" as you would call it. It's really just a piece of art inspired by everday life.

The story is about a prophecy where Emery (seen in the pictures wearing a red cross bones tank), has to find the Prince of Darkness and presumably..."slay" him and return his severed head to her kindom. She had no problem, she was up for the job problem-- she's killed a man before, what's the worst that could happen? Then to her suprise when she first laid eyes on him, after thousands of years of searching, she was burning with the heat of a thousand fires of fury. She couldn't do the job, not now, not ever. He was too amazingly handsome--eyes; like a perplexing pool of blue washing on to a spring green canvas, hair; shortly cropped and neat, like a smooth sand dune on a dry desert, lips; dry and anxious, hard but gentle at first touch--his face altogether, a trip to heaven. And yet how could this be? Was she mistaken? This is no 'Prince of Darkness'. No, no it couldn't be. To be continued...
Now, here is the dialogue for the comic strip for the story.

Emery: "The prophecy says I have to kill you...any last words?"
(She thinks in her head: "That's not going to be easy")

Eric a.k.a 'Prince of Darkness': It's a shame, there's a war going soon. Why can't we just work together? I don't want to have to kill you."

Then he sighed. "The truth is, after this whole adventure, thousands of years being in your mind and hearing what you think..."

to be continued...

**Three more comments and i'll post more**

P.S I need some ideas on what to call it :)

Written February 1st 2008

My Everything
I don't care
As long as he is there.
Any day, any way
every sea, every bay
Where he's at,
i'm okay.
Anything, everything,
He does
it's enough
to make me sing.
After all the pain he's caused,
His name's
My Everything
By Nat

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Song

Inspired by the Twilight series this is...

Your Arms as my Harbour
By: Jordan and Nat

Your arms;
The only warmth when I am cold;
your lips;
an entry to my soul;
My love is yours;
it's never ending;
Your words will echo and it’s true;
I’m truly, madly, deeply, in love with you;

Verse 1

I walk down this road with words left unsaid;
I left you alone as my heart bled;
I thought I was right I thought it was true;
But now when I dream all I see you;
Those words left unsaid were how I really felt;
Because in your arms I would always melt;

Verse 2

I know now that I was wrong;
Who would have known that a year could be so long;
I remember you, please don’t forget me;
Because wherever you are is where I want to be;


I’m sorry I left;
I’m sorry I’m gone;
But I’m coming back I’m coming to stay;
Because only with you can I find my way;

Chorus: Your arms;
The only warmth when I am cold;
your lips;
an entry to my soul;
My love is yours;
it's never ending;
Your words will echo and it’s true;
I’m truly, madly, deeply, in love you;


Like a boat I sailed away;
But you are my armour;
And now I am here to stay;
With your arms as my harbour

Hope you like it :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Breaking Dawn Opening Party!

Okay, so who here will be going to the opening premiere of Breaking Dawn on August 1st? I AM! I'll be at Yorkdale mall. I can't wait! Three more days! What are you going to wear? I'm not going to dress up fancy. I pre-ordered the book, lucky me! Ha-ha! This should be exciting! Let me know how your Breaking Dawn Opening Party goes, I want to know what themes they had at different places. I should probably take some pictures and post them on my site so you can see what it was like. Ugh! The suspense is killing me! See you there ;)

Lots of Love,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rereading in Different Atmospheres

Has anyone here ever reread a book before? I'm sure almost all of you have. I haven't reread before but now i'm starting to and it's so fun because everytime I reread it I always pick up something new that I didn't realize before. Also I like to make them into movies in my head and replay them at night.

Different places also give me other sides of the stories, like the beach, doesn't everyone like to read at the beach? Nice soothing breeze, warmth of the sun, hearing the gentle waves, ugh! It's the most relaxing thing ever! Or even something the opposite; how 'bout a nice little crawl space? Cozy, wrap a blanket around yourself and have peace and quiet with maybe a dim lit candle?

Yeah, so I was just thinking of that today for some reason, but I have to go now and I will come back to make a new post.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Your Opinion

I feel incompetent, here I am sitting on my butt in front of a screen, with no reading material (nothing I haven't already read). And right now my understanding is that I am incompetent because my blog should be more interesting, it can't be appropriate for an author to accept (even with the exception that i'm not old enough or experienced enough to have an intelligent vocabulary), therefore I shall try my best to come up with more discussions to soothe the reader's mind. So, with having that said, I am hoping some of my few readers will come up with some discussions on their own so I can get it started into a discussion. If you have anything you would like to share I am open to it, so go on and tell me what you would like to see brought to Thoughts left to be Thought.

Answer the following:

What would you like to discuss?

What improvements would you like to see on this site?

Help Tommy Spread Zombie Awareness!

Hey my dear faithful readers! Today's the day I decided to do something, rather than dicussing books, today i'm going to help Tommy by spreading zombie awareness!
I think it's important that traditionally biotic people (teenagers specifically) should be associated with differently biotic teenagers. I can't understand why trad. people act so afraid, rude, differently around dif. biotic people, the only difference between the two is that the dif. biotic people died and then for some reason came back to life. And besides, this has been happening for a while now, I think people should realize that this is the way it is now and our zombie friends are here to stay! Differently biotic people are like trad. people in so many ways; Tommy is a zombie and likes to write, I am a trad. person and I like to write. Also think about the way they feel when they are isolated by the others, the others they used to be a part of. It's a struggle but thats what Tommy's here for along with many others from the Haunted house crew, they all feel the same way; they want to make change.

In any way I can, I want to make change.

Answer this post with the same answer as i did if you want to help them make change.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I DID IT! I FINISHED THE WHOLE 'Twilght' series!...but of course i'm still yearning for 'Breaking Dawn'

I DID IT!...

I am on a reading crusade and nothing is going to stop me!
First I chewed up 'Generation Dead', then I spilled tears over 'Twilight' then I ate the rest of the books JUST LIKE THAT! Sorry for my enthusiasm but if you know me, you'd know that I have never read books this fast, ever.

I can't wait until 'Breaking Dawn', imagine what a magical experience it will be! I hope it's as good as the first!

And don't forget 'Generation Dead', i've read from a local blog, (http://opengravesopenminds.blogspot.com/), that there is a sequel called 'Kiss of Life' that Daniel Waters is going to be working on. I hope this is true because I really need to read and find out what happens next!

In Your Opinion (Add on)

I feel incompetent, here I am sitting on my keister in front of a screen, with no reading material (nothing I haven't already read). And right now my understanding is that I am incompetent because my blog should be more interesting, it can't be appropriate for an author to accept (even with the exception that i'm not old enough or experienced enough to have an intelligent vocabulary), therefore I shall try my best to and come up with more discussions to soothe the reader's mind.

So, with having that said, I am hoping some of my few readers will come up with some discussions on their own so I can get it started into a discussion. If you have anything you would like to share I am open to it, so go on and tell me what you would like to see brought to Thoughts left to be Thought.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Song that Matches the Story

I don't know if anyone else has found out yet but, I found out that the song Hero/Heroine by Boys like Girls is the perfect song match for Twilight! Call me a freak but it's true and yes I am writing this because i'm bored. Just take a look at the lyrics of the song and you will understand what I mean for example:
'It's too late baby, there's no turning around'- is like the part in the book where Bella insists there is no way out of their relationship after they already met they were in love.
'I never thought that you could break me apart'- the forbidden love that they have is related to this because Edward hadn't been dating for so long and now he meets Bella and can't get enough of her.
'I keep a sinister smile and a hold of my heart'-sinister smile...hold of my heart...hmmm..sounds alot like Edward, trying not to love her because he'll do anything to keep her safe, but Edward seems to think he's dangerous.
'You want to get inside'- Huh, the complications of loving a vampire...you want to get inside, but it's so hard.
'Cause you caught me off guard'- In the book after Edward freaked-out because Bella came too close he quoted,"I can control myself. You caught me off guard. But i'm on my best behavior now."
'Now I'm running and screaming'- He sure did run when Bella got too close!
'I feel like a hero and you are my heroine'- Edward a Hero because he's always saving her life, in return she saves his life by being alive and with him, that's a good enough excuse for her to be a Heroine.
'I got a closet filled up to the brim,
With the ghosts of my past and the skeletons'- That sooo fits the fact that Edward is over a hundred years old!
'And I don't know why
You'd even try'- why Bella would even try to be around Edward, why you would even love him it seems impossible, but it's not.
But I won't lie
You caught me off guard
Now I'm running and screaming
I feel like a hero and you are my heroine
'Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?
And I feel a weakness coming on'- Edward's love/Bella's love is the sweetest sin, literally, because Edward has tried to keep her from it--he'd try to keep himself from it. I'm sure that in the bible it is a sin to love a vampire.
'Never felt so good to be so wrong'- Once again, forbidden love I don't even need to explain it to you 'cause you know.
'Had my heart on lockdown, and then you turned me around'- Edward not loving someone for centuries, 'til he found her sweet scent. And Edward's struggle to not...well you know..hunt her.
'I'm feeling like a new born child
Every time I get a chance to see you smile'- Seeing and being with Bella has made Edward feel all the more human again.
'It's not complicated
I was so jaded'- Depressed from not having someone to love, was Edward.
'And I feel a weakness coming on'- The first day they met in biology, Edward was weak with thirst...for Bella's blood!
(And the rest of the song repeats...)
Never felt so good to be so wrong
Had my heart on lockdown
And then you turned me around(Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?)
I'm feeling like a new born child
Every time I get a chance to see you smile
It's not complicated
I was so jaded(I feel like a hero and you are my heroine)
And I feel a weakness coming on
Never felt so good to be so wrong
Had my heart on lockdown
And then you turned me around(Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?)
I'm feeling like a new born child
Every time I get a chance to see you smile
It's not complicated
I was so jaded

I Finished the Ink and Paper that now is...my soul.

I have a confession to make...I have put my Generation Dead book aside--until a sequel comes out--and found a new book to fill my hopeful thoughts. I am reading, well I finished reading the famous love story, Twilight. I am in love with it and i will be forever! I can't wait to pick up New Moon now! Twilight has got me in a chokehold...and it won't let me out! To be honest, I don't want to be released i'm enjoying this story line the only problem is it's to romantic...i'm too young to experience that kind of love so it's quite overwhelming. It's books like these that keep my heart pumping, that keep my dreams alive instead of disintegrating because of thinking that these experiences don't exist. I don't care if i never have an Edward kind of character in my life because I know it is the book's purpose to let us dream and have an 'extraordinary' imagination. Twilight is my atmosphere and my fantasy world, the tender hand of love and care that reaches out to touch me everytime I think about it.

to be continued...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Show yourself, Oh great one!

My perspective has always been different then others' perspective; I learn differently, I think of things differently, I am different. I do have imagination though and it sparks a new perspective, but some things are too incredibly beautiful or unique for me to imagine. When I read a book sometimes it gets confusing because i'm reading a description of a fairly handsome person but I think of them with different colour hair, different clothes, or different face. And I try to just give in to my mental creativity and just think of that person the way I fantasize it. Like the characters in my most recent read, Pheobe, Tommy, Adam, Pete and even Stavis I had to visualize for a second after reading the description. I had my own way of building or creating that person from the personality (and the personality is the base to creating the rest). And now I will get to the point, I have spent days thinking and wondering what these characters might actually look like if they were there right in front of me. Show yourself, i wish to see what the author had in mind when he thought up these amazing and intricate characters, Tommy Williams, Show yourself, OH GREAT ONE!

until next time...Goodnight

Forever and Always,


Monday, July 7, 2008

Talent. Time. Patience. Organization. DANG PREPARATION!

I am a singer right? And usually if you are a striving singer, you are in a band or already famous...Me....I HAVE NONE OF THAT! I DESPERATELY NEED A BAND!

There are tons of options;
  • Form a band from the students in my grade like Eric, David, Brandon etc.
  • Go solo (which is the hardest option)
  • Ask some older people I know
  • Wait until i'm older (2 or 3 years)

And i get pissed if someone doesn't take music serious enough to show up to practice! Me and Rockstar both feel that way about it. It's too bad he's much older than me or else we could've started our own thing. Just my luck.

'Generation Dead' is Going to my Head!

I finished reading the book 'Generation Dead', which is like an apocalypse for me because I finished it in three days which is a new record for me! Maybe it was because a girl that was looking for books in the teen aisle of Coles book store suggested it to me. Well, I thank that girl it's an amazing book and so easy to read. I began to develope a relationship with it's characters and cried at the ending. I just can't wait for a sequel...no really i'm DYING! (no pun intended).

Let's Talk Tommy Williams...

Tommy Williams is one of the sweetest guys i've never met. Although when you hear the word zombie it would not make you think so. Zombies-or the so called differently biotic- are really nice people and they don't mean any harm at all, it's just a shame they're dead, not to mention ink on a piece of paper. And here I am practically in love with Tommy! Haha i'll just keep on dreaming...

Tommy Williams also had a relationship with Pheobe, the main character (which you know if you read the book). I keep on wondering what it would be like if Pete wasn't there and what would happen if they kissed...but I guess I will never know.