Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stories of A Newborn: Coming In the month of October

I Am A Newborn.

...It happened. I am a vampire. No, I am a blood thirsty mutant that has no other pleasures but the blood of my own least of what I used to be...which I am no longer. Will it always be this way? I always ask myself the same questions (since there's no one I haven't already killed that I could talk to). And I do try, to restrain myself from them...hiding away on mountain tops far away from the tempting simmering of their blood. I am starting to believe this new diet will never work. I'm afraid also not for the life of others but for myself, it seems as though I am not alone in this new body, I can feel something else...what is it? Feels like the devil. I want it out.

Hey! It's me, Nat, and i'm back to writing on my blog trying to find new ideas to catch your eye. I was thinking of doing a separate section of my blog disignated for vampires. That's right! I'm thinking of doing a new journal/diary of a newborn right here, starting in October. Also I thought I should do some more research on vampires so I can display it on here for who ever wants to read about them. I found some cool myths and legends about different vampires throughout Europe in the old times.

Still staying within the same theme, Hallowe'en, I also plan on listing some things on werewolves too, just so that you Jacob Black fans don't feel left out. Okay, so let's just say i'm going crazy and starting to get interested in these mystical creatures and not only that, decided to research about everything we see as in the Hallowe'en theme. What if I wanted to old legends and myths of magic and mystery all through the month of October? Would that be okay?

Also, it has come to my attention that zombies are also a part of the Hallowe'en theme but, for the appreciation of a blog friend I will not be posting anything having to do with fictional zombies that have been inspired by movies. Besides, I wouldn't want to bring up stuff that would start a wild fire for the differently biotic haters. I hope you understand these terms, if not I am sorry you will have to find another site to get whatever information I cannot give to you.

Coming Soon.

Lots of Love,