Monday, September 27, 2010

This Close to Conformity, This Time.

Once upon a time there lived a pathetic girl who attended a pathetic school and lived somewhere you could say was completely pathetic. Everything she would talk about was nonsense and negative. The way she made herself look maybe people think she was full of nonsense and completely negative. When she would come home after a miserable day at her pathetic school she would yell out nonsense and profanities to her unreasonable adult advisors hired by some hidden anti-anger management club of do-gooders and traditionalists. She left to go to a brilliant camp to supervise commercialistic tweens. This camp was just the lowest form of propoganda. Nobody followed all the promises or truly understood the values they were supposedly 'practicing.' Why? This was because the other supervisers like the pathetic girl, are actually drones! They have no hearts, no values and they eat up every commercial idea fed to them by the media. Sucked into this image, so strong! So brainwashing! Pathetic girl...almost completely lost it. Why? Because she almost gave in to being one of them.