Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm an idiot, truly.
But at least I'm not uptight.
I pity those who are closed in because they have fear in their eyes but think no one sees.

I'm the one that's there through it all.
I show myself...inside out.
The most vulnerable ones are those that hold back and curl into themselves.
I won't call them ignorant...just unknown, unfound, unloved...
What do I know?
I know that it comes to me...I know it makes sense and so will you.
I'll give you a puzzle but you have to put it together.
I'll give you a hand...but you need to learn to stand.
I will give you a push but you need to continue.
You may resist but it shows me you're crying out.
No one else will I will.
I'll be taunted and ridiculed but as long as I'm helping I'll put me feelings aside.
I will be a cause, I will need, but to show example of mistake.
I will show it's okay to be yourself and be okay.
As long as you're being yourself, you'll be fine.
No one can control how you feel but yourself.
Being cynical proves nothing to those who know behind your facade.
Negativity is a charade in the grand scheme of things.

Not everyone can practice what they preach, I think, as long as you TRY then you're already in the right place.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Once Upon A Time... The Ugly Story

Once upon a time...
There lived a maiden in a castle where she tended to her majesties' deeds. The maiden was getting older but her energy never ceased, she feared that she would never get married or have a child of her own. At the same point in time there also lived an aged mason whom also tended to the majesties. He was getting older and lonelier and wondered if he would ever have anyone that could soon take over his position, he had hoped to have a son. One night a mysterious figure came floating through the night gaining way toward the castle. The mysterious character approached the King speaking quiet with haste. The King appeared to have much respect for the strange visitor, or maybe just fear. The following morning the King demanded the presence of his two highest servants to the throne. These servants were none other than the head mistress, Genevieve and the mason, Matheous. When they arrived the King promptly announced that the two peasants were to be married that evening. Genevieve then cried out, "Why must I marry to a man I do not know of, and why must it be so urgent?" The Queen slowly approached the pleading Genevieve and took her hand as she said, "It has been requested by a secret counsel that I dare not speak of. It is very important and there will be consequences if you fail your demands." The Queen gave her one last sorrowful look and Genevieve reported back to her quarters. Matheous was filled with confusion, what could it be in that secret counsel that would cause his Majesty to become so vulnerable.

That evening, in a dirty, lesser hall of the castle, Genevieve and Matheous were joined in matrimony. For the last time that night the King and Queen gave the couple their last demand. "You must go forth and conceive a child."The Queen exclaimed. "You will go to the cabin in the forest of Neska and return to your duties promptly in the morning." The King continued with a sense of discomfort. So they got their barings and set off through the forest of Neska. Now, Genevieve and Matheous were not even close to being acquaintances let alone a married couple since Genevieve was not in the slightest bit attracted to him, and neither Matheous to Genevieve. Still, the sorceress did not let this obstacle get in the way, she cast a spell that would envelop the forest with thick fog so that the couple would seperate while she worked her magic.

Next come...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time... Not too long ago... A girl made a GREAT friend :) She started smiling brighter and found a newLove for life. He made her feel •important• and pretty♡.

。。。A year later。。。

Fights were building into WAR for the girl that didn't think to argue. She was fighting without a shield, he always won the fight. He convinced her he was right. She pleads, "Sorry"..."I'm so sorry"..."Oh gawd, I'm sorry."..."I'm SORRY!"...I'm sorry?

Little did she know...all these apologies led to building up the one thing she thought would never be; a guy with nothing but his EGO, not so noble, not as caring, nothing like a prince.

Bitter hearts ar hard to convert. She can't change the world; neither can she change how someone feels. A hear filld with sadness, stress and anger...she's awful delicate but always stays involved. Giving up is for the princesses that wait a hundred years, a billion fairytales told at night, for someone to return to the way they were when you first felt butterflies.

To be continued...