Sunday, November 23, 2014

Your Friend's Little Sister

When I was younger I thought you were the best guy
in the world
Always thought I was the only girl to know
I still recall those summer nights
when we were all friends, you used to stare at me
so much back then I just thought it meant nothing
guess it was the way you looked at me and..

Well, you're older, and you're thinking
she's just my friend's little sister
So we talked, right? it went nowhere 'cuz
you keep thinking I'm just your friend's sister

I still remember your smell from back when we were younger...
playing games outside all night
how you liked me but would never tell, you used to smile...
you used to laugh
you used to tease me, tease me
you used to be happy
What happened?

So you're older, and you're obnoxious
cuz even now I'm just your friend's sister
So I tried to, get to know you--I guess you're too weird!
I'm still just your friend's sister
I bet you really miss her
your friend's cute sister
Yea, I bet you really miss her
She's more than your friend's little sister.

Song written by Natalie Klett