Sunday, November 23, 2014

Your Friend's Little Sister

When I was younger I thought you were the best guy
in the world
Always thought I was the only girl to know
I still recall those summer nights
when we were all friends, you used to stare at me
so much back then I just thought it meant nothing
guess it was the way you looked at me and..

Well, you're older, and you're thinking
she's just my friend's little sister
So we talked, right? it went nowhere 'cuz
you keep thinking I'm just your friend's sister

I still remember your smell from back when we were younger...
playing games outside all night
how you liked me but would never tell, you used to smile...
you used to laugh
you used to tease me, tease me
you used to be happy
What happened?

So you're older, and you're obnoxious
cuz even now I'm just your friend's sister
So I tried to, get to know you--I guess you're too weird!
I'm still just your friend's sister
I bet you really miss her
your friend's cute sister
Yea, I bet you really miss her
She's more than your friend's little sister.

Song written by Natalie Klett

Sunday, October 26, 2014

YOU ROCK! Tribute to an ex-friend

Dear JM,

You used to ROCK, if rocks are rigid, frustrating and lacklustre. Did you tell me you loved me?
 I can't recall.
Things you Like:
your guitar
your drugs
slim girls
You were beautiful in my eyes. Eyes they were blue. The feel of your arms around me...I can't recall.
Your pale hands were cold and clammy, hair long and kept.
You seemed friendly and smart--not book smart, street smart--emotional smart--or so I thought.

I gave you so much time to fall in with me but instead you carelessly chose to fall out and runaway
all that was left was fragmented me, unsure how to act, unsure how to be
I was the giver of chances and you were a thief
I let you harvest my happiness all for a kiss with no feeling

And when you sauntered into my circle instead of a chance I drew a line
and you probably smiled after the shock, liked me more than you ever had
because you realized I had grown a spine
You might have thought it was your doing but this backbone I was born with
you melted all the tension with your kind reassurances and sent it south with
I wanted kisses in the rain not to be left to drown in confusion and pain
I wanted to find love in my best friend but it was just an idea with a dead end

I grew a spine, you stayed a coward, we're no longer friends and for once it doesn't feel good to be right. Did you make me happy? I can't recall.
Are you happy? I hope so.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fuck being Reserved

Has my life become about tiptoeing around my own dramatic tendencies and meanwhile suffering with trying to tolerate my loved ones' messes? Am I a just a tumbleweed whisping by quietly and accumulating garbage or am I a strong wind that picks up hot air and swirls into a tornado, collecting casualties as I go--cows and barns and such?

I much prefer to reserve dramatic response for positive use. Instead, I'm lit dynamite with a fuse longer than most realize. I don't think people have it out for me, I just think they're oblivious of the fact that I hold my discontent in so as to give them another chance. Take advantage of that chance and throw me around like I'll always stick around? Well, to put it simply...
fuck you.
I have greater feelings to feel, more joyful memories to experience, and more respect to gain. elsewhere. with someone else. Because I'm worth more than this, you ought to recognize.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fine Leather

It seems now the polluted air takes on a new adult form of comfort
It`s real, distorted and un-pretending
It`s trying and anxious, some call it reckless
I`m not reckless 'cause I sometimes want to wreck it all
Cause I fall--
falter with unknowing looming so tall
the only thing I know absolutely is of the deterioration of a body
biologically breathing, surviving isn`t living
with routine repetition lost ambition and mostly blindly sipping
from my devil`s cup, temple tipping cause my mind`s mixed up
Tripping on doubt as it cynically interrupts
Caught breath, fine leather
Fastened tight, I'm light as a feather
Hold, hold!