Tuesday, December 30, 2008



I am going to need a team to type it out some day.
Sorry for not posting.

Friday, December 5, 2008

If a Dream is a Wish..Then, Where Did This One Come From?

Last night...well actually I think it was in the morning, I had a dream about my friend. We were in a cute little boutique-ish kind of town and the dream just cast an image of him through my eyes as we were talking, it was dark and it seemed like we were in a banquet hall or dance studio. Anyways, the fact is that it seemed like we were trying to hide and runaway to meet somewhere, he was no more than two feet infront of me and I think we were talking about how this wouldn't work and i didn't quite get the point until he said we should stay away from each other. That was it. That was when I freaked, my character in the dream was so angry and felt so small and unwanted. I could feel the emotions flow through my body--as if it was really happening. And then, they walked in, my old friend that i recognized to be from my street had a leather jacket and greased hair--like he'd just came out of the Grease movie--i think he had a pipe in his hand ( i was thinking, what the hell is he gonna do with that?!). Then I wasn't sure about the other character that appeared but I think it might have been my brother. My old friend was so agressive and looked like he was going to drop the pipe and even just punch my friend with his bare fist! I was furious and sad, how could he? How could they all?! And then i could see it wash all over my friend's face...he didn't want me, not as a friend, acquintance...nothing. He must have said something, now i realize it was just an act, he wanted to give in so that i could move on. Two police officers appeared out of nowhere and surprisingly grabbed my friend forcefully taking him out of my sight. He did struggle and managed to give me a sorrowful look obviously reassuring me he didn't mean to leave me. I was so confused and upset, usually my dreams mean something...something that's going to happen...what if this happens in some smaller way? He is a good friend to me, it's not everyday you find a friend like him. All I know is I have to prepare myself, just in case things do take a turn. Still, I can't help but feel sad.