Saturday, June 12, 2010

Demon of Building Friendships: Exclusivity

It's so ironic how we forget our values within seconds. The most obvious thing to do but for some odd reason you don't do it. Maybe it just isn't important to you. This is so abnormal though, it's coming from the people that you thought would always do what is right and stay loyal.

Exclusivity, my friend.

Friends do not exclude each other unless these are concerns:
  • Embarassing
  • Humiliating--make fun of you
  • Awkward and antisocial
  • Opposite to your character
  • Attention Grabber (if you don't like them)
  • Not close enough to include
  • Annoying, interrupt or disturbing
But I don't even fit ANY of those characteristics. So why am I being excluded? Especially from those who actually seem to enjoy being in my presence. I'm talking about people that might even CHERISH every moment they have with me. I just don't understand how they say they have a great time with me--I can see the sincerity in their eyes too--and yet they never reciprocate that. People have a hard time thinking in terms of being considerate. Include people in your lives if they mean something to you. It's the biggest insult to leave someone thinking that you have deceived them.