Sunday, April 12, 2009

Based On Life

“STOP IT! You think you know me so don’t know me at all! The only reason I held back was because of your stupid captivity and always expecting that i’d be that perfect girl that would always put up with your stupid crap!” I was breathing heavy now as my feelings led to tears.
I could run right now. I know where I could run, a place where I would always be welcome.

“Drew!” I screamed as my voice became hoarse,“Drew please! Drew, I need you now!” my legs buckled under me and I feel into the moist grass.

A minute later, I heard the door open and there he was, standing over me. He almost was about to offer a hand but noticed it would be useless and so he held me in one arm and brought me into his house.

“Lee,”he replied calmly, “Lee, what’s going on? Are you hurt?”
I looked around and saw that I was in his room. I had never been in here before and i was surprised that he would bring me into his room.

“I-I” I was being so idiotic and I didn’t know why I went to him. When times were tough that’s what we were there for, to take care of eachother, we’re best friends. I felt so overwhelmed by what had happened with my parents before and now as I lay on his bed in his room. I couldn’t breathe properly at this moment and now i was infested with tears struggling to give him an answer.
He pulled me into his warm embrace, he was so strong, I felt so safe. “Lee, please tell me what happened? You’re starting to worry me.”
I wiped my face with my sleeve and looked into his weary eyes.

"I had a fight with my parents," He looked at me slightly stern. "I know it probably wasn't so bad that I had to runaway but-but-I didn't know what to do and I-I just needed to get away," my voice broke as the sobs came back into play.

"Ssshh, breathe Lee, breathe!" he spoke to me softly.

"Oh my God, I can't believe I'm doing this to you! I feel like such a...a baby!" That didn't help, it just made me feel worse. I immediately jumped out of his embrace and stood straight infront of him.

"Lena, c'mon. You're being absolutely ridiculous!"he stood up from his bed to stand infront of me. He was at least a foot taller. He rubbed my damp arm with his hand and pulled me in, this time I did not let go.

That night, we spent time together which we hadn't done for what it seems to be forever. He is so smart, he said we should watch a movie and I know he just did it so that I would stay distracted..and NOT cry my eyes out. It was ten o'clock when the phone rang. Drew picked up the phone.

"Hello?" he said with surprise and alarm.

"Hi, it's Teresa, Analena's mom? uh well, we kind of had a fallout this evening and she ranaway...i'm coming to pick her-"

"Uh, I don't think that's a great idea...I'm sorry, I tried to convince her to go back home but she..she's in a really torn state right now...I'm not even sure that she won't runaway from here!"

"Excuse me?! Who do you think you are! I am her MOTHER! I want to speak to my daughter RIGHT NOW!" she blarred through the phone.

Drew gave me the phone.


"Oh my God Lena, you are in so much trouble! How dare you do that to me and you're father! Where did you get that from? Young lady if you don't clean your act up-"

"Mom, I strongly suggest you stop right now! You know why? Because I don't have to go home, there is no point of going back anyways because you NEVER compromise. You and dad make up so much bullshit it's not even considered reasonable parenting anymore!"

"I don't have to be reasonable to suit YOUR standards. I am your mother. And what you're doing right now-running away- doesn't do anything for you."

"I'm on the brink of seriously, running away and you still give me all your shitty authority bullshit?"I paused to try and balance my feelings but i was starting to lose it. "And you wonder why I ran away."

"You know what, you are just making things worse for yourself so go ahead and do what you're doing because 'you always know what's right', tonight, I don't care what the fxxx you do as long as you are back here in the morning for school." The pain was seeping in, I could tell. It was that distinct tone she made that made me aware that what I had said did go through for the while.

to be continued...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OKAY. know how there is always going to be someone who hates you? Someone who disrespects you?? Well,I never did ANYTHING wrong to any of the idiots that CHOOSE to pick on me for my most visible flaw... SO KILL ME FOR HAVING A HABIT SO KILL ME FOR HAVING A SCAR Doesn't mean people have to be pure idiots and pretend that i'm not in the room. They don't have to do that! They don't have to be so insensitive...they KNOW that I KNOW what they are referring to! They are soooo cruel. Still, I can't believe this isn't the worst situation i'm going to have to put up with. Nobody notices but the victim gets hurt. I shouldn't let it get to me but I am already involved because they're talking about me! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING THEY JUST USE ME FOR A SILLY SICK AMUSEMENT OF THEIRS. They have no life and think it is cool to trash others, good people, because they aren't! It's because they are stupid and think it doesn't affect the victim...because they don't know how it feels or they don't care! Either way..they definitely don't think before they speak! If they really thought about it and searched for a good side, and realize that they are doing something wrong would be easier for EVERYONE. FML!!!