Monday, August 29, 2011

Two Poems...if you can call them poems?

Complexly Practical

Carry me further into the forest this time, so i won't come. i won't return at the sound of your whistle. No i won't be seen again.
Carry me away so that I am lost, can't and won't be found.
It's so dark now, that's just what it should be till the light sheds on me and warmth makes me shiver.
This sweetness is scary, so cold to the touch. I don't want to know it, i hate you so much.
You took away dreams in a day, in a night. The deal was closed with your getaway flight.
I'm not sane, i know. Nor am I crazy.
I may be out of my mind, but i'm at least in yours.
Chores, you began to pile up in my mind like dirty laundry
and my spine became rubber with every sting.
You were the bee, not anymore..
Ha-ha, because I can only hurt myself now
With my words and my glare...
As I used to stare at myself in a mirror.
Now I look at my reflection only from the still water in a river.
It plays tricks; tells me i'm well, i'm changed.
Silly, the horns have not left sight nor have I loosened my fists
since my last fight.
There's no reason to, no sign of surrender.
You don't understand, i'm sensitive...
Oh, sweet dear. I have lost my marbles
but thank God, I never thought they exist---ed.
Slow--ing my speech now. you're out of re---ach now.
I think, i'm becoming blind.
Or maybe i've always been.
And everything in my life has been perceived
like I'm in a dream.
And we're all lucid.

Fate Games

It carries us all, it carries us all
and fools us often
Then we fall

It plants choices, in silver shells
we turn one over
we hear the bells
sweet sound, bad reminder
wrong decisions looking kinder

taking steps down a path
once a year do the math
don't count your days altogether
death tickles, like a feather
with sugar coating

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art Like You

he's just a boy
slight curls
simply dressed
mind full of stress

careful steps

doesn't start nor does he end
never bothers to defend
carries on, no damn hurray
much too tired and stressed to play

his petals wear and tear at ends
will he walk tomorrow, it depends
if his body gives in, I pray for his soul
he has a heart, somewhere there's a hole

I tend to notice mistakes
but he passes by me without a trace
nothing to correct, nothing to address
no reason to dislike, a reason to stress

A great mind in you
from what you have shown
a perspective of change too
great nights alone

are you in love with that thin sensation
does she hold you in her place
confident with conversation
kissing that shy expression off your face

im just a push away
a distance you made
weak muscled arm
i helped you do harm
to myself for your support
without a retort

only love would be powerful enough
to stay away, long, in agony
and never speak of just how tough...
cover myself in shades of ebony

I'd be anything
to be with you.
Do anything
to be art...
like you.

Tribute to Bearded Boy Clad with Plaid

Friday, August 26, 2011

These Are Your Clouds

i was asleep when a voice whispered into my ear
"though you sleep, you live within others. For you live on in their thoughts."
Astounding discovery, indeed.
Because though I sleep, in other worlds it is not yet night and they are not yet sleeping.
There are people who have met you, all around the world. They dream of you while they are awake and think of you often while on the other end of the world you are sleeping and subconsciously wondering if they are thinking of you.
Though you sleep, you are still thinking.
Your subconscious pours out your inner most precious thoughts, and they live on through you as well.
It's much more like a movie...circling your mind...thinking up the scenarios to however you want them to be.
It's fine tuning and you're filling all the blanks carefully.
But there is a glitch for you, you know the way you picture things to be would not be true. Things could never go as you planned them out.
You can't map out others' thoughts any more than you can make decisions for others.

But sometimes it's okay to dream it.
And dream a thousand times of those who are out of reach...
whether in physical distance...or socially.
Just remember, with everyone you meet; a piece of you is given.
It's beautiful because they carry on with different aspects of you; different angles unique but sometimes the same.
That's my way of rationalizing it.