Friday, May 28, 2010

Your Heart Must Be in Your Bum and Your Brain Must Be Disfunctional

One thing that I hate is that everyone is so quick to jump to say 'I love you'. Even before they know what exactly it means. Maybe those three words are less significant than I always thought. In movies and books, in history it always seemed like the very first 'i love you' was the center point; the climax. Now, those three words are degrading because people throw them around like nothing. Those three words have become almost just as common as saying 'hi.'

Can I cry, honestly? Or would it flood throughout the Earth's land mass and finish it off with splashes of tears and tsunamis of sorrow. Youth is killing me with it's false-hope and manufactured love. No one hardly knows the measure of love and people are hardly aware that maybe what they call love is only lust. The commoner, Lust, is the devil of all relationships and the heart of confusion. It's a betrayal of the heart and mind because it means you're giving in to temptation and letting it brainwash you into thinking you're in love, in seconds. Why don't we ever take the time out to think anymore? We've got all the time in the world so there's no need to be so sure (but really unsure) and butt our head right into it. After all, it takes time to know if you're in the real thing, love isn't just wanting something or someone; it's needing. We misunderstand so well and deny any signs of truth. We're so persistent with getting all that we desire immediately. Getting things quick, never is best; waiting gets you thinking. Can we stop thinking with fantasies and finally picture reality? Lust is getting old.

How can you love someone if they are lying to you excessively? Stupid thing, why do you trust so well that your decision is the right one when you can't even be certain to trust yourself to be enough for someone? If you want someone to love you, first you want someone that will love you for who you are. If you lie to someone just so that they will be impressed because you want them to be more interested, it will come back to you. Lying will break your own heart, because when it comes down to it and you look at it from a broad perspective you realize; that person doesn't love you, they love what you made. You just don't lie or trick good people.

This is what it comes down to:
  • Do you want someone to love what isn't real, be in lust, and reel them in quick?
  • Do you want someone to love you for who you are and wait for them to thoroughly love you?