Friday, August 1, 2008

My Mock-Comic Strip

Though it might be hard to see what it is, this is my first little "comic strip" as you would call it. It's really just a piece of art inspired by everday life.

The story is about a prophecy where Emery (seen in the pictures wearing a red cross bones tank), has to find the Prince of Darkness and presumably..."slay" him and return his severed head to her kindom. She had no problem, she was up for the job problem-- she's killed a man before, what's the worst that could happen? Then to her suprise when she first laid eyes on him, after thousands of years of searching, she was burning with the heat of a thousand fires of fury. She couldn't do the job, not now, not ever. He was too amazingly handsome--eyes; like a perplexing pool of blue washing on to a spring green canvas, hair; shortly cropped and neat, like a smooth sand dune on a dry desert, lips; dry and anxious, hard but gentle at first touch--his face altogether, a trip to heaven. And yet how could this be? Was she mistaken? This is no 'Prince of Darkness'. No, no it couldn't be. To be continued...
Now, here is the dialogue for the comic strip for the story.

Emery: "The prophecy says I have to kill you...any last words?"
(She thinks in her head: "That's not going to be easy")

Eric a.k.a 'Prince of Darkness': It's a shame, there's a war going soon. Why can't we just work together? I don't want to have to kill you."

Then he sighed. "The truth is, after this whole adventure, thousands of years being in your mind and hearing what you think..."

to be continued...

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P.S I need some ideas on what to call it :)

Written February 1st 2008

My Everything
I don't care
As long as he is there.
Any day, any way
every sea, every bay
Where he's at,
i'm okay.
Anything, everything,
He does
it's enough
to make me sing.
After all the pain he's caused,
His name's
My Everything
By Nat