Saturday, November 28, 2009

My aim is to be different.
It's not always "so easy" when everyone is trying to corrupt your thoughts and everything you do. This can easily be rejected: I just don't listen. I'm stubborn enough that I can stand clear and have a hay day being who I am. Despite if it is not what I want to be. There is enough people in the world that I should not care if one person...or twenty people don't like me.

I know a guy...he loves how I am. He won't say it because...well...he just wouldn't.
He has a lot to learn about me. Or maybe nothing at all.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Walking Ghost

He's there, you just can't see him.

In fact, he'll be everywhere you've been and where you are now...

you just refuse to notice.

You'll complain about your rarely difficult life

And he'll be there still, way ahead of you

Because his life will always be harder to bare.

You will cry at night for yourself and misery

And he will be crying too, but his pain is greater.

Well, on a night you thought would be magical,

He's living every day off of bleeding and powder

He sees pain and himself suffer

Just so he won't see reality.

Because the reality is,

He has no one and nothing but you,

to remind him why he's alive.