Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fan Art Quicky by Nat

What d oyou think of my fan art for the Twilight Series? I made it off of Paint, I was really bored so I just made it for fun :P

Friday, November 14, 2008

What's that? A BOOK CLUB!

YES. FINALLY! I have rallied up some girls in my grade that LOVE Twilight and the same books and so....WE'RE GOING TO START A BOOK CLUB!!! YAY! I'm so excited! We are going to try and start it as soon as possible but the problem is one is still reading it and the other one hates Twilight but likes Generation Dead so i might just have to start off promoting the books. With the Twilight Lexicon as our aid we will try and crack the codes of Twilights 'behind the scenes' and little possible clues that Stephanie Meyer may have slipped into the story without us knowing. We will dissect every sentence of the book to better understand and feel the characters. We will also discuss our feelings and opinions on the stroy and the characters. Then, we will move on to Generation Dead!!! STAY TUNED!

Oh, and if you'd like go ahead and share your opinions too, but wait until I start the posts, ight?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Questions and Theories...what do we know?

Do you live in a world you know and see or is it so hidden you can't possibly know which way you are going..or are you coming?

What do you know about history and future and theories that are only made, only written down as a solved case so that we can all sleep at night? Do you ever question? Do you ever even wonder what is going on, what is going to happen?

Do you ever think of death just enough so that you can feel it, you fade a little just at the thought and feel the conjestion, the suffocation of passing, can you? Or do you just sit there then at the slightest glimpse, the slightest thought you shun it and bring on something pleasant to your thoughts? Is that really what you stand for? Are you really that afraid? Do you not have enough respect for your own soul that you won't even let it wonder? Do you not have faith or beliefs that you can go on and live even after exploring and seeing the hindsight of your death?

Do you even believe? Have you no thoughts? If you do not what is it you do that prevents it? How do you not think about positive or negative things? How do you control your brain so that you cannot think or comprehend and yet you can live and breathe? When it comes to the shallow unsure subject of life and death who is it that your life belongs to? Who created you before you forefathers did? What is it that lets you feel safe about the subject enough so that you do not question it? Why do you not belive? Not thinking about religion or anything else, where do you come from? You are a stranger if you cannot answer that question, which makes us all strangers. Most of all, why do we have to leave? Why not be invicible? Why must we reproduce? The world thinks that it and its inhabitants are okay, complete and indestructable because that is what positive cover has made. Are we down to Earth when we aren't even sure what Earth is and exactly why and how it began? The world of questions is only answered with theories, we will never know our own place completely because we have not lived through it all. Forget documents and scriptures, we will never know the truth and the answers to these questions that haunt our minds.